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Since September 2018, I am a Ph.D student in computer science within the EMSEC team at IRISA Laboratory in Rennes under the supervision of Pierre-Alain FOUQUE and Adeline ROUX-LANGLOIS. I am working on lattice-based cryptography.

From October to December 2019, I visited Ron STEINFELD at the Cybersecurity Lab of the Faculty of Information Technology of the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

In Mai 2018, I received my master's degree at the Department of Mathematics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My master thesis Polycylic groups and applications in cryptography was under the supervision of Frank HERRLICH and Joern MUELLER-QUADE.

Prior to this, I received in July 2014 my bacherlor's degree at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Heidelberg University. My bachelor thesis Die Kompatibilitaet von Determinantenfunktoren mit Spektralsequenzen und der Kohomologie was under the supervision of Otmar VENJAKOB.



Office F305, IRISA Rennes
Campus universitaire de Beaulieu
263 Avenue du General Leclerc
35042 Rennes Cedex

Affiliation: Univ Rennes, CNRS, IRISA

E-Mail: katharina.boudgoust [at] irisa.fr
PGP Fingerprint: 593A 484D 7342 1E9B 5E40 FAA2 41DA 32B0 C128 C013


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